Cheerleader Twirls Big Beef Batons

Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer is a charming, pale skinned, redheaded cheerleader/babysitter, who is bored, waiting for her study group, to show up, so she stretches, showing off, her tight, little body. When the guys arrive, they are more focused, on teaching her, the ways of carnal congress, than with book learning. Surrounding her, with their potent pricks, she begins sucking the jet black, demon cock, with sluttish gusto, and glee, as she gives it her all, then she moves on, two the other two. Her ebony stud, expertly licks her honeyed hole, topped with a well cropped patch of fur, as she moans rhapsodically, while sucking the others. Then, they diligently drive their cocks, into her mantrap, in missionary, as she moans and cries out, in hedonistic exultation, while sucking any cock, that she can. Mounted on a humongous, black, obelisk of lust, her tight, little ass, vigorously humps him, in cowgirl, while moaning and squealing, in X-rated jubilation. She continues her wild ride, in reverse cowgirl, lustfully slamming her greedy cunt, onto a towering tool, moaning and screeching ecstatically, while sucking and jerking off the others. Once in doggie, they intently drill their pleasure poles into her, as she moans and yelps, with untethered, lecherous fervor. They continue pulverizing her pussy, in missionary, driving her, into a moaning, groaning cock crazed revelry. Finally they shower her, with monsoon, of creamy cum, all over her face, tits, armpit, and ass, leaving her a gorgeous, gooey mess.

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